Message for Eric Mocata

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Message for Eric Mocata

Postby Darren » Wed 25 Jul, 2018 20:15:35

Hi Mocata (the occasional library contributor - not the DW character),

The podcast series "Professor Cushing's Crypt of the Macabre" has broadcast it's final episode. You were the most consistent contributor and the hosts were keen to get you on the final episode but the email address they had is no longer valid.

I know you found out about the series through this library - please listen to the final episode and hear their appreciation of your regular email submissions.

I will download the two DW episodes before they are no longer available for posterity. They are amongst the best DW film appreciations I have heard. I am sad that they have finished - I enjoyed their series that covered British Horror films of the 50s, 60s and 70s.


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