The 2011 Convention

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The 2011 Convention

Post by Charles » Sat 17 Sep, 2011 21:36:45

Dear All,

I have just sent this out by email to everyone on the site's update list, plus those others who have attended before or who have expressed interest ...


Dear All,

The fourth Dennis Wheatley Convention takes place in six weeks time on Saturday 29th October, so it's time for me to confirm some of the details, and to confirm who's coming.

As before, it will take place at the Corus Edgewarebury Hotel in Elstree, and while some parts of it may change, I attach the provisonal programme, which I hope you will find up to previous years' standards. As before, it's a mixture of films, talks and interactive sessions, and this time we're including one called 'Guess the book' , where everyone is invited (if they wish) to bring along a DW book (or books) of their choice and to read out (or to ask Nick if he would be happy to read out !) a passage / passages (with names of give-away characters omitted) for everyone to guess from which book the passage comes.

Prices are mostly, but not quite all, unchanged from last year :

Double Room overnight stay 29.10.11 plus Convention & next day breakfast £170
Single room overnight stay 29.10.11 plus Convention & next day breakfast £145
Convention, lunch & dinner 29.10.11 with no overnight stay £ 80

Supplement for a room on Friday night 28.10.11
plus breakfast 29.10.11 £ 79*

* a reduction on last year !

As usual prices include the Convention and appropriate meals, but drinks are not included.

I would be grateful if everyone who wants to attend would confirm as soon as they can, and by no later than 30th September.

I will then contact those who are coming with payment details and will be asking to receive payment by no later than 15th October.

I will look forward to welcoming many (all ?) "old faces" and a couple (or more ?) of new ones ...

Best wishes as always,



The attachment reads :

The Fourth Dennis Wheatley Convention

Saturday 29th October 2011

The Corus Edgewarebury Hotel, Barnet Lane, Elstree, Herts WD6 3RE

Provisional Programme

10-10.30 Arrival, tea and coffee - assemble in the Arkeley Suite

10.30 Film All Hallow's 'een

a short horror / ghost story by Lydia Wheatley, one of DW's great grandchildren.

11.00 Talk 'J.G.Links: Dennis Wheatley's Partner In Crime' by John Runter

11.45 Film Dennis Wheatley - A Living Portrait

A re-showing for the benefit of those who missed it last time

12.00 Talk 'Dennis Wheatley researches the Occult ' by Charles Beck

Talk by CB on Crowley, Summers, Ahmed etc interspersed with readings from 'Drink & Ink' by
Nick Dow and introducing some items to be put on display in the 'travelling Museum'

1.00 Buffet lunch in the Beaufort Room

2 .15 (ish ???) Audio Dennis Wheatley's Desert Island Discs

We don't have the original recording, but we can play the music DW selected ...

2.45 T.B.A

3.15 Discussion led by Nick Dow : 'Astral Projection; Fact or Fiction'

4.00 Tea

4.30 'Guess the book'

where everyone is encouraged to bring with them a book (or books !) by DW, and to read out
(or ask Nick to read out if he doesn't mind !) a page ('obvious' names omitted) ... and we can
all try to guess which the book is ...

5.15 Film Edgar Lustgarten's 'Tales from Scotland Yard' - The Missing Person

for more on this, visit the Library and do a word search on the name Lustgarten

6.00 Film/ Audio Christopher Lee interviewed on the making of his Hammer films, including 'The Devil Rides Out'

Followed by


7.00 Cocktails in the Edgewarebury Bar (optional extra)

7.30 Dinner in the Regency Room

9.30 (approx) After dinner film

Actual film to be decided by group preference on the day

Suggestions to date are (further suggestions welcome) ...

... a repeat of one of the 'classic' DW films we've seen before
... Hope Hodgson's Carnacki story 'The Horse of the Invisible' (reprinted in DW's 'Library of the Occult'' - I will
be referring to the Carnacki stories in my talk)
... The Legend of Hell House (directed by Richard Matheson, who wrote the script for Hammer's film 'The Devil
Rides Out')
... 'The Ninth Gate' by Roman Polanski (with no DW connection, but a first rate story of the occult)
... a documentary on the Nazis & the occult
... Terry Thomas's 'School for Scoundrels' (completely off beam from a DW point-of-view' but I understand
like TRDO it was filmed at the hotel).

Best wishes !

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