Who made it back?

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Who made it back?

Post by Toohey »

Right, how many of us made it back to the website then?

I know that Hoyo, Nick, Alan , Charles, Jim, Stevie P & Steve Whatley made it back.

Any others around?

Apologies if I missed anybody out.

Anyone heard from Gloomysundea?

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Post by duncanpaul17 »

Toohey, a very good question.

Turning your question around, are there are members who have still to come back ?

I know Charles took on a suggestion put forward that all members were e-mailed to let them know that the site was open again, I wonder if there are some that a follow up mail would be worth sending too.

With some of DW's books being revived it would be great if more genuine fans joined in.

I don't suppose there is anyway the site could be 'advertised' in any of these books.
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Post by Alan »

duncanpaul17 wrote:
I don't suppose there is anyway the site could be 'advertised' in any of these books.
What a great idea - I'm sure the publishers would go for it, if it didn't cost them anything - after all, it's to their advantage for DW's fan-base to grow.
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Tribute to Bob

Post by gloomysundae »

I made it back and immediatley started moaning about the spam accounts I seem to recall! Relax, I'm going to do it again in a minute. :rofl

Charles: has any decision been reached about whether there'll be a London meeting next year?

I haven't been posting much but I still keep my eye on this place.

There were a lot of server problems with my friends and I's Vault of Evil board so we've had to move and leave the old one as an archive. I'm not sure if any of you have already seen this, but there's a tribute to Bob Rothwell on the old board:

http://vaultofevil.suddenlaunch3.com/in ... 1169712158
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