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Church of Satan

Post by Toohey » Tue 9 Oct, 2007 11:14:53

Here's the link.

So sad, it's very funny though. How quaint an actual church of Satan.

Found this on the web, thought it might be of interest to Wheatley fans who love the black magic series. But sadly was very disappointed as although they are the ‘official’ church of Satan, they don’t actually believe in the dark one. They just seem like free-market hippies with their espousal of excessive consumption. No satanic rituals, no pushing granny in front of a train. They don’t even steal candy from a baby.

What is sinister though is the only want ‘leaders’ to join them. They don’t define what a leader is but they don’t want followers. But surely they must have leaders in their own organisation? So, I presume they must mean politicians and businessmen etc. No room for satanic plumbers or electricians in this organisation.
No shock to discover that this is an American cult formed in the 60Â’s. Though most cults seem to die out with their leader but this lot seem to plod on, even surviving the inevitable splinters.

Odd though that the church of Satan doesnÂ’t believe in Satan. Though they do seem serious about what they believe in.
They satanic bible does seem as if itÂ’s been written by Ayn Rand!

Hoyo de Monterrey
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Post by Hoyo de Monterrey » Wed 10 Oct, 2007 22:12:18

They are obviously completely bonkers, if you ask me.

I'm very taken with your idea of a Satanic plumber/electrician, though! :-D I've been quite lucky with the tradesmen I have employed, but one does hear some horror stories.....
"Here's to crime"

Garry Holmes
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Post by Garry Holmes » Sun 14 Oct, 2007 17:12:29

This reminds me of that NOT THE NINE O'CLOCK NEWS sketch about modern day satanists, George and Fiona Timmis.

GEORGE: You see, your modern day diabolists, we're not your mumbo-jumbo, Dennis Wheatley types. No, we're more interested in bring and buy sales. Coffee mornings.

INTERVIEWER: Bring and buy sales?

GEORGE: Well, I say bring and buy sales, obviously there's a certain amount of human sacrifice involved....

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Post by Nick » Mon 15 Oct, 2007 12:17:51

I would hazard a guess that DW would agree with the comments above. In one of the interviews on the Letter to posterity prog. he more or less said the same thing, but I can also hear him saying that 'These people open themselves up to exploitation by a genuine black magician. I have real and concrete evidence...etc'
One does wonder though that should somebody of power wish to exploit any member of the public at all they would probably choose a Jewish multi millionaire Banker living in St johns wood in with a certain birth date relevant to their evil plans rather than a bunch of American Nutters with one less brain cell than an amoeba.
While were on that subject it may work the other way, would the second coming take place at a convention of Happy Clappers howling like a pack of wolves and leaping around like lunatics. (and if he did turn up would they notice?)
Now I wonder if we will get any replies from Happy Clappers? I won't hold my breath.....

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