ANNOUNCEMENT: Bob Rothwell passed on Boxing Day

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Bob Rothwell passed on Boxing Day

Post by Jim »

To Georgina's "This is the end!", Roger Brook replies, "Nay, dear heart, 'tis no more than the passing to a new beginning."

I recently received the news of Bob's death, and felt this message (from his wife Sue) should be posted here, for those who had not received or seen it any other way.

"I know you will all be shocked and saddened to learn that Bob passed away quietly in his sleep on Boxing Day evening.

"As is no secret to you, Dennis Wheatley was one of his abiding passions, and he derived a great deal of joy from all the friendships he made with fellow enthusiasts over the years.

"A few of you who have already learned of his passing have already said kind things, for which thank you.

"It may be a while before all the practicalities of continuing the website can be worked out, but one of Bob's legacies to the community is his website, and it will continue.

"So please watch this space. As I am sure you will understand, Bob's email addresses may not be looked at much in the next couple of weeks so if you have any urgent messages, Charles Beck has volunteered to pass them on; his email address is

"I know it will be difficult, but please celebrate Bob's life as much as mourning his passing."

The Duke sums it up: "All of us will meet again because we are all bound by love."
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Post by duncanpaul17 »

Very sad to hear this news, having only recently discovered the site.

Hope someone can carry on Bob's work, although only a relatively recent member I felt I was beginning to know Bob.

I'm sure he will be missed by all
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Rest In Peace, Bob

Post by gloomysundae »

I'm truly shocked and saddened to hear this.

Although I never met him, I had the great pleasure of speaking to Bob a few times on the telephone shortly before Christmas and found him absolutely charming, enthusiastic and very funny. He was also a kind man who was trying to give me a break with some projects of my own, something I will always be grateful to him for.

Please extend my sincere commiserations to Sue.

R. I. P. Bob.
Stevie P
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Post by Stevie P »

Yes, This is devastating news.

Although I never actually met Bob I felt that I knew him well. He always seemed so approachable and affable.
As well as his geniality we will miss his incredible knowledge of all things DW.
Dennis Wheatley was a big believer in the afterlife and I find it reassuring to think of Bob asking Dennis all the questions he would have liked to have asked but been unable to.

I'm sure DW would have loved Bob - Our modern day Duke de Richleau.

Sue, My thoughts are with you and your family.
Frank Linmarsh
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Post by Frank Linmarsh »

I'd like to add my condolences to Bob's family. I never met him in person, but in cyber space via The Vault Of Evil, and here. I can't add anything more than others have already said.
Bob - you're missed already - and I hope you do get to meet DW - wherever the pair of you are.
It Begins
Steve Whatley
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Bob's Passing

Post by Steve Whatley »

I too was saddened to learn of Bob's passing, and, though I never met him in person, I will always treasure the memory of our long telephone conversations - mostly about DW of course.

This splendid website is indeed Bob's legacy to all DW fans, and what a wonderful legacy it is!

I am sure we will all, in our own way, celebrate Bob's life every time we access the website; after all, this is a place where we can still 'talk' to him, even though he is sadly no longer able to reply to us.

My sincere condolences to Sue and to all of Bob's family and friends.
Garry Holmes
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Post by Garry Holmes »

I don't think I have ever been quite so upset by the passing of someone that I didn't even know. My condolencies to his family. I do not believe that death is the end, and I am sure that he can see quite how much his passing has touched us all. God rest, Bob.
Rob Pritchard
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God Bless you Bob

Post by Rob Pritchard »

Its been a while since ive logged into the site and I am saddened to hear of Bobs passing. Thank you Bob for constructing this site and for the emailed conversations and book swap. I am sure your legacy will live on - a true gent and scholar.
Rob Pritchard
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