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The DVD and Blu-Ray are pretty much the same, although the picture quality is enormously improved. I'm afraid that I'm sort of turning into a Blu-Ray snob!

Rex's silly running style reminds me of a rather cringeworthy experience that I had some years back when I appeared on local radio. I was being interviewed, and thought that I'd come across rather well. When my future wife played back the cassette recording she had made of it (yes, it was that long ago...) I was horrified to discover that my voice was pretty much a strangulated squeak. I was given the opportunity to rectify my mistake a year later, when I was interviewed again. This time I lowered my voice, and slowed down my down my delivery. Playback revealed that I now sounded like a version of Orson Welles who had let his batteries run dowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn. Sometimes, whatever you do, you're just going to look silly.

The problem with the 'good/bad' comment is that it is too simplistic. You don't read the works of DW because you want an elegant dissection of social mores, or an explanation of the human condition, but because you want an exciting story. I've heard M R James criticised because he doesn't really do character, and Wodehouse lambasted for his lack of seriousness, both of which are complaints of such stunning stupidity that you feel like doing a Homer Simpson and moaning "D'oh!" Wheatley is a page turner. I've read a number of better, more 'serious' writers who completely lack any sense of pace or tension. That skill makes up for any clumsiness.

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