DW Article in the current edition of Wormwood

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Steve Whatley
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DW Article in the current edition of Wormwood

Post by Steve Whatley » Fri 30 Nov, 2012 13:55:27

I thought I should make you all aware of an article on DW entitled 'He Wrote of Dark Forces: The Weird World of Dennis Wheatley' by Roger Dobson, which appears in the current edition (Number 19, Autumn 2012) of Wormwood.

Wormwood is a twice-yearly periodical concerning 'literature of the fantastic, supernatural and decadent' (!) edited by Mark Valentine and produced by the Tartarus Press.

Roger Dobson's sixteen-page article may contain nothing new for the keen enthusiast, but it does include interesting analysis of the black magic novels and films. That it is well-researched is obvious both from the text itself and from the fact that thanks are given both to Phil Baker and to our very own CB.

If the DW article alone is insufficient to justify the £8.99 cover price to the well-informed DW fan, other articles - including one on Bram Stoker and another on fantastical novels in the immediate aftermath of the Great War - may make it worthwhile.

Wormwood can be ordered online from the Tartarus website, and the cover price includes postage and packing.

I see that one can take out a subscription, and that - refreshing to see in this day and age - if, when given advance notice of the contents, one doesn't fancy them, one can decline any particular issue! How's that for a reader-friendly service![font=Courier New] [/font]

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Post by shanedwyer » Sat 1 Dec, 2012 10:30:11

I'm sure I read somewhere that Wormwood Magazine will email a facsimile of a selected article upon request. But £8.99 (inc. p&p) for the full monty isn't a bad deal at all. I think I'll take myself over to their website then. Thanks Steve.

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Post by Jim » Mon 15 Feb, 2016 23:38:40

You probably all know (and I think it's been posted here) that Tartarus collected Mr Dobson's essays into a book, following his death. Like all Tartarus titles, it was a small edition, and sold out quickly. To console myself for not getting the book, I ordered the single issue Steve talks about, and it was indeed worth the money. I enjoyed most of the articles, and saved the Dobson one.

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