Holiday greetings!

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Holiday greetings!

Post by Jim » Tue 25 Dec, 2007 02:31:13

The display of DW's Christmas cards inspired me to start this thread:

"With the best of good wishes for a Merry Christmas
and a year of good fortune."

What better words than his own?

Thanks to Charles for picking up the ball, and to all our regular contributors for keeping it in play; welcome to the new folks.

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Post by Charles » Wed 26 Dec, 2007 00:07:18

Dear Jim

May I please add a few words to echo your wonderful sentiments ?

This has been a strange year, full of both sadness and pleasure.

The sadness of course comes from our dear friend Bob's death. Twelve months may have gone, but it seems only yesterday that Sue rang with the dreadful news, and even now I, and I am sure many others, half expect the phone to ring, or think 'I must email Bob and see if he knows ..... '

He probably does.

It is again perhaps a nice time to quote (apologies - slightly misquote) from DW's unpublished Will

'To Dennis Wheatley and to Bob Rothwell, wherever they may now be; with the hope that in their next lives they will enjoy similar health happiness and good fortune as they were blessed with in their last, and that in future we may all meet ...'

I would also like to record my heartfelt gratitude for all the kindness and encouragement I have received from you all in ensuring Bob's work is not lost but progressed; in the process I have made many new friends - thank you all. I hope that our collective efforts will lead to a successful Convention in May at which many of us can finally meet.

Those of us that are too far away to join in will certainly not be forgotten (Jim - you were one of those who gave me earliest encouragement - thank you !)

If anyone would like to add any messages for Sue, I will be sure to make sure they are passed on so she knows that twelve months on we are still thinking of Bob, and her.

I join with Jim in wishing you all a peaceful and happy 2008. Long live our community.

Stevie P
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Post by Stevie P » Wed 26 Dec, 2007 12:29:29


A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and all the "legitimate Dennis Wheatley fans" who frequent this site.

Bob started an amazing Web site that will hopefully continue for a long time time to come. Charles has thankfully taken up the reins and continued the excellent work in an equally excellent manner. It can't have been easy. I would like to say thank you so much for doing so, as this memorial site to both DW and Bob is too high a quality to discard.

For Sue Rothwell I pass on my sincere good wishes to you today and for the future and can add no more than ask you to read the end paragraphs of 'The Quest of Julian Day' book review posted earlier today. It helps me - I hope it helps you.

Stevie P.

Steve Whatley
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Post by Steve Whatley » Wed 26 Dec, 2007 22:22:19

May I add my Greetings of the Season to Stevie P., Charles, Jim and all other Library 'members'.

I've been thinking of Bob Rothwell and Sue today, and remembering with pleasure all the long DW telephone conversations and several e-mail exchanges I had with Bob.

I too would like to thank Charles for taking on the running of the website and keeping Bob's masterwork alive. As it continues to evolve from month to month it truly can be called a living memorial to both Dennis Wheatley and Bob Rothwell.

I'll end with a big Thank You to Bob for starting it all off, and with my Warmest Wishes to Sue for a happy and healthy future.

Steve W.

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Post by duncanpaul17 » Thu 27 Dec, 2007 21:54:46

Just wish to add my good wishes to you all for 2008.

Although I only joined the site in November 2006, I, like many of you others, still remember the shocking message we all received this time last year, and as someone else posted at the time, could not believe how saddened I was by the passing of someone I hadn't had the priviledge to meet or have the chance to know better.

Thanks to Charles for keeping the site going, and to you all for your interesting posts.

Hopefully the convention will go ahead as planned and I look forward to meeting many of you there.


Hoyo de Monterrey
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Post by Hoyo de Monterrey » Sat 29 Dec, 2007 22:27:03

A very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year to all members of this splendid website. Many thanks to Charles, who has so ably taken up the torch which Bob Rothwell lit so brightly.

One year on, my thoughts and prayers are with Sue.

Requiescat in pace, Bob.
"Here's to crime"

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