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Posted: Wed 8 Mar, 2017 04:03:13
by Jim
It will surprise no-one that the Lymington edition has the exact same paragraph.

Posted: Mon 13 Mar, 2017 22:25:40
by Charles
Thanks - it would have been funny if it had been there all the time !

Best wishes from this side of the 'Pond' !

Re: They Found Atlantis

Posted: Mon 20 May, 2019 16:44:07
by Darren
I visited the British Library this afternoon and whilst there I checked the Daily Mail serialization of They Found Atlantis and the missing words were there.

The Daily Mail, Saturday, 22 February 1936, page 18:

"You can well imagine this twice-yearly period of duty in the mines was dreaded by our people, for none was exempt, not even the son of the King, Menes, who was the ruler and whose title I have inherited, as the eldest male always does here."

I was delighted.

The Kindle version is also wrong, I wonder if Bloomsbury would be interested in correcting their eBook version. I'll email them and let you know their answer.

Re: They Found Atlantis

Posted: Sat 6 Jul, 2019 22:25:36
by Cibator
Bravo, Darren! Thanks for clearing that up. Shows the value of teamwork - I wouldn't have had the first idea where to look (didn't even know there'd been a Daily Mail serialisation).

Even with the rediscovered text now making relative sense, it's still a bit of a clunky sentence, don't you think? Especially for what's supposed to be someone speaking. Too many different ideas crammed in. By the time you get to the end, you feel as though you've stumbled over three or four tree-roots or fallen branches in a forest, and just about managed to avoid falling into a bed of nettles. :smt101