The Silver Knight...perhaps not Roger Brook, but still...

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The Silver Knight...perhaps not Roger Brook, but still...

Post by Sir_Dan_of_Cure » Thu 22 Jan, 2009 20:34:59

Hi All,

I wanted to draw people’s attention to a historical novel I have just written and published entitled The Silver Knight. It is the first in a series of seven novels covering the Wars of the Roses – the following (albeit short) synopsis should give you an idea as to the content:

"It is 1451 and Jack Templeman arrives from France, his destiny forged by the failure of a King and his will determined by the desire for the glory of knighthood. As the strength of the crown fails, the Plantagenet's are torn between the roses of Lancaster and York. As the country spirals towards bloodshed, will Jack's dream of knighthood come to pass? Will he overcome the shadows and avenge his father's death? From the slums of old London town, to the rolling hills of Kent; from the halls of Westminster Palace to the battleground of St Albans, this is the first Templeman novel, The Silver Knight, from the Wars of the Roses"

Given that a number of Dennis Wheatley novels and in particular the Roger Brook series are one of the main influences upon my own series, I felt it worthwhile to bring it to the attention of the DW site and its members. I had spoken to Bob Rothwell about my ideas for the novel a few years ago, but sadly he will never get chance to read it.

The Silver Knight is now exclusively available online via the following store:

Due to the print on demand nature, both versions (hardback and paperback) are marginally more expensive than would be the case on Amazon or in a bookstore. However, as a special offer to all DW Library Members, I will offer signed paperback copies at £10 each, including p&p.

For more details, please contact me. Incidentally, there’s a promotional video for the book available on both Google videos and You Tube:

Hopefully it’s a roaring tale to cheer you up on a cold, dark winter’s night whilst all around you the news of the credit crunch, recession, warfare and terrorism continues to depress!

Thanks (and sorry for the sell!)

"The Silver Knight" by Daniel available online...

Visit the website at

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Post by Charles » Thu 22 Jan, 2009 21:01:35

Best of luck Dan - hope it's a bestseller !

All the very best

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