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Post by Cibator » Fri 13 Mar, 2009 10:49:02

Hello everyone. Great to be a fully-participating member of the forum at last (and my thanks again to Charles, for managing to retrieve my registration from where it had got buried among the thousands of bogus ones that apparently plague the site).

I'm 59, married, UK-born but resident in New Zealand now for over thirty years. Semi-retired - well, more like 90% actually - after a career in computing. First read DW in my teens (and yes, it was one of the occult ones!) and I've been dipping into his books on and off ever since. I'll go into more detail about that later on. My other half, I'd better mention right away, is not a DW fan!

About my alias: it comes ultimately from alchemy. I was hanging out some years ago in a forum with a strong magical/alchemical theme, and wanted a nick that was in keeping. All the obvious ones were taken, but then I remembered: traditionally there are twelve steps to achieving the Philosophers' Stone, the seventh of which is called Cibation, in which the brew is "fed" by the judicious addition of various fluids. So I just added a different suffix to the word to make another one meaning "provider of nutrition". Saw myself as feeding the discussions with fresh ideas.

So there we are. I'm looking forward to contributing to the various subjects that have come up, and maybe starting off a few myself.

Peace be upon you and about you.
Fas est et ab hoste doceri

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Post by Charles » Sat 14 Mar, 2009 08:28:12

Dear Cibator

Welcome !

Great to have a new member from 'the other side of the world'. The internet is a wonderful thing !

You're not the only person to have a love of DW and a career in computing - the late Bob Rothwell was the same, although computing was his second career (he started learning while caring for his wife, and he was so good they asked him to stay on as a lecturer !).

I wonder what makes the two themes go together, or if it is a spurious co-incidence ?

For what it's worth, although she enjoyed the films, my own wife has never read a word of Dennis Wheatley ...

Anyway, a very warm welcome !

All best !

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Post by caroline$-0 » Sat 4 Jul, 2009 00:08:38

Wecome Cibator.Sorry about being the last to welcome you unto the site. :oops:

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