Early Duc de Richleau novels..

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Early Duc de Richleau novels..

Post by Diamondhairdan » Thu 20 Apr, 2006 12:34:27

Just thought Id ask what people's thoughts are on the first three volumes on his younger life (before he met Rex, Simon and Richard)?

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Post by Toohey » Thu 20 Jul, 2006 10:27:47

I loved the novel Prisoner in a Mask. That is a great romp and a cracking adventure story to boot.

****warning - this review contains spoilers****

There are a great many exciting episodes, my favourite being where the Duc is rescued from captivity on Devils Island by an American sailor.

The Duc in this novel is very young but also very resourceful and you can't help but root for him even though he often is just as brutal and sadistic as his 'enemies' some of whom their only crime appears to athiesm.

For me there is a way too much of this as it is hammered home time after time by the Duc and his frineds that it's the athiests that are driving France to the dogs and if only good Catholic men were placed in postions of power in the government the rot would be stopped.

Complete nonsense of course.

All in all an enjoyable tale though a bit over-long

I'd give it 7/10

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