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DW Bronze Star

Postby Darren » Thu 10 May, 2018 07:03:38

Another fascinating update, Charles. And what a find - the letter to DW inviting him for the Bronze Star award.

I notice that the letter is from John B Ackerman who went on to become the Vice Director of the NSA (National Security Agency) in the 1950s. This was at a time when the NSA was a very secret government agency, it was nicknamed No Such Agency.

Do we know where the DW's Bronze Star is?


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Re: DW Bronze Star

Postby Charles » Sun 20 May, 2018 16:52:55

Thanks Darren,
Always good to know people read and appreciate the updates.
I know you love the Museum as much as I do and I was really pleased to find that letter. Not that I didn’t believe DW had been awarded the Bronze Star but more that it proved it.
I too wonder where the Bronze Star is. It may be with his family or his widow’s family ... I shall now have to probe.
Just as a taster, the next Museum update will be - if things go according to plan - an item from the same period that I like even more. I wonder if you will agree ... I suspect so and please watch this space.
You were very much missed on the Field Trip - as were of course all our other friends who couldn’t make it.
Best as always !

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