TDRO: Nike Arrighi and her Borghese Connection

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TDRO: Nike Arrighi and her Borghese Connection

Post by Cibator » Wed 13 May, 2015 10:15:49

Some of you may already be aware of this, but I wasn't able to find any reference to it on the site. So here we are ...

You'll remember the passage in The Devil Rides Out where the Duke tells Rex about the Satanic temple discovered in the Palazzo Borghese in 1895. Well, I've just found out that Nike Arrighi, who played Tanith in the 1968 movie, was married in the mid-1970s to .... wait for it! .... Prince Paolo di Borghese! Sad to say, she was widowed in 1999, but continues to live in a property called the Palazzo Borghese at Artena, about 25 miles out of Rome. Note however that there are several Palazzi Borghese scattered about Italy, and this is not the one that contained the infamous temple. That was in Rome proper (not Venice, as DW makes the Duke state), and it nowadays houses the Spanish embassy.
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Post by Darren » Sat 16 May, 2015 20:50:45

That's interesting. I was aware of Nike Arrighi sometimes uses the name Nike Borghese - but had never made the connection to TDRO.

Nike became an artist and often used Nike Borghese as her name- specifically in Italy. She has her own website:


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Post by shanedwyer » Fri 22 May, 2015 11:52:09

That's an interesting link. Some of the stuff in her gallery isn't half bad. The architectural pieces put me in mind of Mervyn Peake's illustrations for Gormenghast.

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