long overdue post

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long overdue post

Post by ken68 »

hello all, i hope everyone has had a good time over the festive period and are looking forward to the new year stretching in front of us.
i had promised to post the recipes for the cocktails from the convention and a few other bits and bobs but to be perfectly honest i totally forgot! must be an age thing......

any way, cocktail list

moscow mule, this ones for you charles :D
30ml of vodka
30ml of fesh lime juice
90 ml of ginger beer
build over ice in a tall glass

very refreshing.

vodka blush for darren
70ml of vodka
25 ml lime juice
i dash of grenadine
shaken with ice, strain into glass
from rosemarys baby.
side note, mia farrows father john directed alias nick beale!

bees knees for my good lady
40ml of gin
20ml honey
15ml lemon juice
shake with ice, strain into cocktail glass.
real prohibition recipe, the honey was to take away the taste of the bath tub gin. heres to crime!!

one for the ladies now that i will try and fix for this years,
expresso baileys
frozen cubes of espresso coffee in a cocktail glass of baileys. have to say this is gorgeous, but deadly.

and for the brave, a vesper

90 ml of gin
30ml vodka
15 ml of lillet blanc
stir with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.... rocket fuel, actually high class rocket fuel. this one def will be at this years convention as i have all the ingredients already.

just as a follow up to my spot at last years convention some links to the real life people mentioned

myrna loy.... again top marks to steve w for recognising her, was much impressed

http://advicetothelovelorn.blogspot.co. ... -star.html

damien mocatas twitter
now i don't do twitter so take care if you aren't sure. doesn't seem to be anything dodgy but ive only glanced at it although he does claim to be a member of the church of satan.

http://www.derelictplaces.co.uk/main/sh ... KlYTYqsW6w

love the george bush story, i wanted to bring that up at the convention but it is so drawn out i would still be there today! google it if you are interested, some of it makes david icke look sane.

any way thats enough from me for now.
take care everyone and see/hear from you all soon.

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Re: long overdue post

Post by Darren »

ken68 wrote:vodka blush for darren
70ml of vodka
25 ml lime juice
i dash of grenadine
shaken with ice, strain into glass
from rosemarys baby.
side note, mia farrows father john directed alias nick beale!
Thanks for the recipe Ken. I've put Grenadine on my shopping list.

That's an interesting note about Mia Farrow's father directing Alias Nick Beal. I recently acquired a DVD of that film and enjoyed it immensely. About 4 minutes into the film Foster says "I'd give my soul to nail Hanson" and that's it, the film changes into top gear and never stops until the closing credits. I was hooked all the way through. Ray Milland's (Nick Beal) eyes are so creepy - a great performance. As is Audrey Totter's as Donna Allen, the fear in her face when she is repeating the prepared dialogue as Nick Beal appears in the doorway behind Foster.

The film also benefits from some amazing music by Franz Waxman - the sliding cigarette case scene is accompanied by some chilling music that turned me cold. Franz Waxman is a legend in his own right as a 20th century serious composer, but he is also famous for his soundtracks (including Bride of Frankenstein, Rear Window). I've never heard of the film before this year's DW convention, I'm surprised it isn't more well known.

Ray Milland reprised his role of Alias Nick Beal in a one hour radio dramatisation. You can stream it via https://archive.org/details/ScreenDirectorsPlayhouse - it is number 81 on the side panel.

Another connection between Rosemary's Baby and Alias Nick Beal is that Ray Milland played a very effective Roman Castavet in the very ineffective TV Movie sequel "Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby" from 1976.

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Post by Charles »

On the film side, I'm glad everyone enjoyed 'Alias Nick Beal'.

When I was a boy in the early 1960s, it used to be shown regularly on TV in the Sunday matinee slot, and I always thought it was a cut above the usual light weight musicals that were put on.

For me it's in the same sphere as 'The Ninth Gate' ... a unique contribution to the genre.

I'm now going to turn off my PC ... all that talk of cocktails is making me thirsty and there's a little bit left in my bottle of Tokay :-)
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