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DW in the Australian Press Archives

Postby Darren » Thu 20 Nov, 2014 23:54:10

TROVE is a project made available online by the National Library of Australia that allows website visitors to search amongst many different written medums, including digital archived newspapers. The following link takes you to a search I did of Dennis Wheatley - but you can add whatever other interest you may have to see if there are any references in the Australian newspaper archives.

http://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/resul ... s+wheatley

I haven't looked into it too deeply yet but an initial scan reveals a DW obituary, a few articles from the 1930s and a number of serialisations also from the 1930s (with accompanying illustrations which is a DW interest of mine).


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Postby Charles » Fri 21 Nov, 2014 20:50:30

Thank you, Darren !

'Trove' seems an apt name, and I and everyone else will look forward to hearing what treasures you are able to unearth when you have time to delve further. A quick look suggests it will be very exciting !

Very best wishes as always !

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Postby Cibator » Sun 23 Nov, 2014 21:39:09

Well done, Darren. Should be some fascinating reading there for anyone with an interest in DW.

I had a quick look myself, and found a review of Star Of Ill-Omen. A fine example of damning with faint praise!
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