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thank you for the kind words charles, but at the end of the day its what WE make of it. and i think WE did a very good job of it.

everyone contributes something, even if some of it is behind the scenes and they are to modest to admit it.
i hope all the newcomers enjoyed it and i'm sorry i didn't get a chance to spend much time with some of you, although you may think that wasn't such a bad thing :? .

i will put a larger post later, but i hope everyone got where they were going safely and mr mocattas fog (how did you do that darren?) didn't cause to much disruption.

finally for now, it was really good to see duncan, christine and of course nic back. they were all missed last year.

this is my second attempt at this so apologies of the first one that seems to have vanished into the web re appears.

ken and mary
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Post by duncanpaul17 »


I like to second Charles's congratulations on another very well organised event and to congratulate all the speakers. We keep wondering what we can do that is different, but all the subjects this time were new. The only regular spot was Steve P's review, and that is always is a different book.

It was great to see new people too.

Thank you also for welcoming Chris and me back, we did miss not being there last year and it was hard to believe it had been two years since I last saw you all.

I am a little worried though. Chris and I had a lovely drive back, the sunshine was brilliant. That was until we got 10 miles from home when the fog descended, it is still here this morning. Is Darren trying to tell me something?

Already looking forward to next year.

All the best

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As one of this year's newcomers I'd like to thank everyone for making me feel so welcome! I had an absolutely brilliant time and didn't feel like an outsider at all. I hope I can give as much back to the group in the years to come!

I was impressed with the level of enthusiasm and very much enjoyed the presentations. Having sat through so many tedious ones in the corporate world it was such fun to enjoy every topic on the agenda! I have started jotting down thoughts for my slot next year to make sure I give myself adequate time to prepare. I don't want to let anyone down and I know that the standard is high.

Hope to see you all again soon, perhaps on a field trip before next year's convention.

Thanks so much to all

Anna (otherwise known as Sabine)
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Like Anna has posted many thanks for you all being so welcoming and taking time to have a chat with me. I loved the presentations with Declan seemingly having an uncanny mastery over his topic. Look forward to seeing you all again and Darren I hope Charles forwards over the band I found on facebook to you. You might know of them already but if not the lead song is quite catchy and I will enjoy more when I play it whilst reading through sixty days to live.
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Post by Darren »

It was a great weekend - they get better and better. I thought the mist was necessary to ensure we didn't get followed as we left the hotel and made our ways home.

I look forward to the recommendation, KLP85. See you next year.

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Post by ken68 »

well as promised a slightly longer post on the 8th DW convention.

where to start, they do indeed get better every year. a great effort from everyone once again.
each year there is always a highlight, but this year it would be very hard to pick out a single item. from the hispano, darrens video intro, sampling absinthe and the general good time its difficult to pick one highlight. although watching Nat dance from our vantage point on the terrace after dinner was up there. i've also yet to pry from my wife who was telling the amusing stories that were causing her rather filthy laugh!
one thing i have noticed over the last couple of years is how much noise we make over dinner, but i never realised how noisy it was until some of the men were out on the terrace after dinner. if DW was watching, and i'm sure he was, he must have been a very happy man. it would do his soul good to see us carry on in his own style.

as everyone knows plans are already being formed for the 9th and 10th so keep an eye out for those. there will be proposed changes to the program a little for the next two years. nothing drastic, why change a winning formula, more a freshening up.

anyway onwards to 9, 10 and beyond.

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