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An interesting find

Post by ericmocata »

So after work today, I swung by my favorite local music store. While I was scanning the shelves in the metal section, a CD pretty much jumped out at me. It was a band called Cardinals Folly. The CD is called Such Power is Dangerous! and the last two songs listed are "Uncharted Seas" and "The Secret War". Turns out it is a doom metal band from Helsinki. There is also a compilation CD the band did recently, probably composed of smaller releases/demos/unreleased songs. This one is called Strange Conflicts of the Past. In addition to a song called "Cardinals Folly" there is "They Found Atlantis". Looks like there are also numerous references to Hammer films.

Of course, I bought it. Haven't listened to it yet, since I just got home, but I did hear a bit of it at the store online, since I get along with the guys who work there, he brought it up on Youtube, I believe. Sounded pretty good to me.
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Post by Darren »

I bet that was a surprise to see a CD of that title in a music store.

I'd forgotten about this band - Jean W mentioned them at last year's convention. I think they also have another album called Strange Confict, a Scandinavian band I believe.

I did a bit of digging at the time and found that the lead musician is actually a member of this forum and left a couple of posts some years back, I can't remember his name. He's clearly a serious DW fan to name his band, the albums and songs after DW titles.

I've never heard their music - I'll check it out on YouTube. It'll be interesting to see if the lyrics follow the basic outline of the books.

Thanks Eric.

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