The Dennis Wheatley Crime Dossiers

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The Dennis Wheatley Crime Dossiers

Post by shanedwyer »

There's an interesting article on the Wheatley/Links Crime Dossiers currently online. It has some great photos of and from the original texts- including one of the eponymous Robert Prentice and 'friend' being caught en déshabillé .

Crime Dossiers
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Post by Darren »

What a great article, Shane. I've never really taken much interest in the Crime Dossiers but these guys are very enthusiastic, and seem to hold DW in high regard in the history of gaming. I may have to have a go at one of them. The biography of J. G. Links is interesting - I didn't know he was a personal friend of Nancy and that was how he met DW.

Thanks for the link. A lot of work has been put into producing that page and it definitely needs linking into this site.

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Post by ericmocata »

The crime dossiers are a pretty fun way to spend an afternoon, especially if it's raining or something like that (and since you're in England, it probably is). They're actually pretty challenging. At least the first two. I can't comment on the last two, as I haven't read them yet.

The main advice I'd give is pay attention to the details without over-thinking things. Sounds easy to me.

Of course, I was kinda stumped on both of them. Well, I sort of had the second one figured out, but it still threw me for a loop. Murder Off Miami had me completely stumped. I wanted to do one of those old movie forehead slaps after reading the solution.
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