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Garry Holmes
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Post by Garry Holmes » Wed 13 Feb, 2013 06:41:12

The Oyster is a form of electronic ticketing that allows you to travel on the underground, buses, railways, trams and some boat services. Somewhere like London it's simple necessity to take public transport, especially if you're commuting regularly. There are the same numbers of smelly, weird and anonymous people on British public transport as anywhere else but, being British, people do the usual thing of simply ignoring them. I think that most people who have had to use these services at off peak times has a story of being buttonholed by some clearly barking mad individual who insists on telling you their theories about flying saucers.

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Post by ericmocata » Wed 13 Feb, 2013 07:00:56

I thought about as much. Public transportation doesn't get really popular in some areas, but when you get into big, crowded cities, it does seem a necessity to use it, largely due to the fact that traveling by car would probably take 2 or 3 times as long due to traffic. Where I live, which is the southern U.S., it's not really a big thing. We do have these commuter trains, which are actually pretty new having started only a few years ago (and even that took forever to get going, leading to many people being irritated with the continuous delays in getting the thing going). The other thing we have is the bus system, which I suppose is pretty decent, but I still don't think it works as well here as it does in Europe.

I have run into weird, smelly people saying oddball things to me in the street in the downtown area, which I suppose is comparable. I remember a particular occasion with my best friend, who insisted on chatting with some deranged looking guy talking about Alaskan vagina (and he didn't use as classy a term as vagina, but I am sure that goes without saying). Don't think I have had flying saucers theories, though. However, if my best friend and I were there, I am sure he would strike up a conversation with the crazy flying saucer guy, with me whispering in his ear that this guy probably wants to kill us and ship our bodies to Mars to feed the invading hordes or something like that.

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