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Post by Charles » Fri 8 Jul, 2011 22:49:12

Dear Steve,

Many thanks indeed - I wasn't aware of the programme until you mentioned it, and have just watched it with great interest.

I think the end of your link got chopped off - it's at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00v2z45 and it's available for another 5 days, with Lymington featured at minute 17.

As you say, it features the Angel Inn and some of the serpentine walls, although not DW's.

It's definitely worth a watch whether you're joining us in Lymington or not ... perhaps someone clever will find a way of taking a video of the highlights and putting them on the website post trip.

All best to everyone, and many thanks again Steve for pointing this out. I for one would have been very sorry to miss it.

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