Just vaguely possible this is a DW reference

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Just vaguely possible this is a DW reference

Postby Alan » Fri 16 Apr, 2010 15:19:16

During my last break in the country I read Christopher Priest's excellent "The Prestige". Now, I don't want to ruin it for anyone who is going to read the book (or see the movie that's based on it) so I'll confine myself to a brief summary. Essentially, it's about two feuding magicians, and the theme of twins is a big motif throughout the story.

The framing narrative (which takes place in the present, and flashes back to the Victorian era) has the fist person speaker mention that he had always been fascinated by the concept of twins since he read a really exciting story about twins who were telepathically linked - and this got me wondering, could he be referring to "The Satanist?" I certainly can't think of any other story with this theme. And Priest's style, especially in the flashback (which comprises the bulk of the story) is certainly reminiscent of DW, which suggests he's read the Master at some time.

If anyone else has read the work, I'd be interested in your views. Incidentally, it's a brilliant story, with great characterisation, and well worth the effort.

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