DW Makes the Front Page of the Times!

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DW Makes the Front Page of the Times!

Postby Steve Whatley » Tue 10 Nov, 2009 13:18:18

Well, all right, it's only Fortean Times, but he's still on the front page.

The December issue of the journal of strange phenomena has dropped through my letter-box this morning, and virtually the whole of the front cover is devoted to Dennis Wheatley. There's a nice portrait with Arrow paperback-style images behind, and the headline 'The Devil Rides Out'. This seems somewhat strange, until one reads (inside) that the 75th anniversary of the publication of that title has just passed.

However, the sub-title on the cover is more appropriate: 'How Dennis Wheatley Sold Black Magic To Britatin' gives a better idea of the content of the feature. Phil Baker's six-page article is actually entitled 'Dennis And All His Works', and if it contains no revelations for the enthusiast, it is at least well-illustrated.

My favourite photograph is of Lady Derwent signing a cheque for some DW books at a fete in 1955 - Dennis's look to camera is a picture of trying-not-to-look-too-smug-ness, and the sight of all his books on the table sets my book-collector's nostrils twitching! It's worth having just for that picture.

For those who don't know, Fortean Times is stocked by WH Smith, and there is a website (which I haven't investigated) www.forteantimes.com

The Dennis Wheatley revival continues! [font=Courier New] [/font]

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