Churchill's Bunker ("Oh no, not another one!")

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Churchill's Bunker ("Oh no, not another one!")

Postby Steve Whatley » Mon 8 Jun, 2009 21:40:11

"Oh no, not another one!" I hear you cry. But yes, 'tis true, another book which includes a few references to DW; another image for Dear Old Charles to add to the 'Books About' section.

'Churchill's Bunker' by Richard Holmes, in association with the Imperial War Museum (Profile Books, 2009) is subtitled 'The Secret Headquarters at the Heart of Britain's Victory'.

198 pages (plus notes, bibliography and index) and 27 bw photographs, a map and a plan, all presented by the good Professor of TV fame, and with a nice colour photo of Churchill on the dustwrapper.

It's all right though, as it contains only three references to DW, so it's not an essential title for the DW fanatic.

However, as a record of the goings-on in the Cabinet War Rooms, it's a splendid little volume. And as the Professor - who recalls that DW's 'books featuring satanism and the occult deprived me of many hours sleep when I was at school,' - astutely observes that our hero 'was an author who travelled to the wilder shores of fiction', I think we can probably rely on the accuracy of the information given in this well-annotated volume.

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