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Audio Wheatley

Post by Nick » Wed 13 Jul, 2005 21:36:52

There seems to be only three talking book productions of DW novels that I can find. Two are rather unsatisfactory. THE DEVIL RIDES OUT read by Anton Rodgers and TOBY JUGG read by Denholm Elliot. These are overshadowed by the Clifford Norgate rendition of THE DEVIL RIDES OUT, which is unabridged and read very well. I'm sure all DW fans own and have listened to these productions, but I think it's high time there was another available. Bob told me some time ago that there were some RNIB productions also available, (how available I'm not sure)
Bearing this in mind, as a radio broadcaster, I wouldn't mind a go myself! I could use the BBC studios and read a bit at a time, as studio time is available. Maybe THE FORBIDDEN TERRITORY may be a good place to start. I would then be happy to let library members have a copy for free.
I suppose we would be breaking all sorts of copyright laws to sell copies.
It would take some time to do, and more time to edit, but providing the redoubtable Wilkes provides the refreshments (or failing that BBC Coffee) it might be a worthwhile project. What do you think?

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Post by Jim » Sun 17 Jul, 2005 14:50:21

I have both the abridged Wheatleys, on cassette (they never came out on CD, did they?). I find THE DEVIL RIDES OUT to be quite acceptable for an abridgement; I wasn't as taken with the TOBY JUGG.

If the audio versions Nick projects were not *sold*, the copyright holders would be less likely to object--this would not be a commercial venture, and I suspect most of the people who'd want these would have purchased at least one copy of the book itself long ago.

The last time I was at the BBC shop in London, I was disappointed in how little of their vast library was available on CD. Don't they think there's a market for the Sayers Biblical drama THE MAN BORN TO BE KING?

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