What a cocktail I'll shake for you tonight!

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What a cocktail I'll shake for you tonight!

Post by Nick » Tue 9 Dec, 2008 00:09:43

...says Rex in Strange Conflict when the Duke finally allows them to eat normally again after their Astral battles. Well Christmas is coming! Any body got a Cocktail recipe that would have excited DW! I promise I'll try them all out for you (well there's a surprise!) My wife was a bar manageress at a well known night club and has shaken cocktails for some very well known Caberet Acts in the 1970s(From Pans People to Ken Dodd) I have all the luck don't I? So lets get a bit of Christmas Spirit.. What cocktails would you or Rex have shaken ?
Cheers everyone!

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Post by Charles » Tue 9 Dec, 2008 22:14:08

I don't know about cocktails, but one of DW's favourite drinks - which he introduced to a host of his friends over many decades - was a Peach Bola.

You make it (see 'Officer and Temporary Gentleman' page 17) by soaking well pricked fresh peaches in a combination of a bottle of still and a bottle of sparkling Moselle.

Perhaps more for the Summer - perhaps one to have at the next Convention ? [Nick - we must continue our discussions over that when you have a moment !].

DW also made Sloe Gin (I hope I've spelt that right !) down at Lymington and various similar concoctions.

If I come across any DW cocktail recipes I'll let you know - otherwise we'll have to ask Rex Van Ryn !

All best to everyone !

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Post by ken68 » Sun 14 Dec, 2008 13:47:43

always fancied that peach bola after reading about it scarlet imposter. the wine grower laid on a lunch for for gregory if i remeber correctly.

i will keep to rexs advice, make them small and drink them quick. four makes an appetite.

whats festive? feel like a little something to put me in the christmas mood.

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