Which book would be best for new readers?

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Which book would be best for new readers?

Post by Nick » Thu 2 Oct, 2008 21:41:12

If a younger member of your family, or your friends family were to ask you 'Which DW book would be the one to read first?' Which one would you recommend?

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Post by Alan » Fri 3 Oct, 2008 08:51:20

I think the Duke and his friends are the most "accessible" of all DW's characters, so I plump for "The Forbidden Territory" - I realise "Three Inquisitive People" is actually chronologically the first in the Modern Musketeer series, but for reasons I've elaborated on in earlier postings I think it's a better introduction to mainstream DW. In fact it actually introduces the characters better, and is an excellent way into the series.

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Post by Charles » Fri 3 Oct, 2008 22:12:37

A wonderful choice Alan - I can't beat it !

A good idea also not to start on the 'Black Magic' stories, wonderful as they are, as it leaves something else to enjoy later.

The other day I had a few moments spare so I picked up a copy of 'The Forbidden Territory' and re-read the first few pages.

I could hardly put it down !

All best !

K R Cope

Post by K R Cope » Tue 7 Oct, 2008 07:12:02

I'd have to agree with that suggestion.

My first introduction to DW was "Strange Conflict", rather a "deep" one to start and which didn't "grab" me then as much as it would later. I then tried "The Forbidden Territory" and was duly hooked!

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Post by duncanpaul17 » Tue 7 Oct, 2008 19:57:27

Think I would have to agree The Forbidden Territory would also be my choice to introduce new readers to Dennis especially as this marks the introduction of the Modern Musketeers who are my favourite DW characters.

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