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Shingle Street

Post by parabellum » Wed 30 Jul, 2008 20:13:35

There are various posts in the Library relating to DW’s use of real locations in his novels. Have I missed anything about Shingle Street in Suffolk which DW used in Black August? Is any forum member from that area or has any member visited?

It seems DW was a bit obsessed with this area before and during World War 2. Since Napoleonic times the East coast has been considered a vulnerable place for an invasion of Britain and DW seemed to pick up on this. Shingle Street has it’s history by virtue of allegations that the Nazis actually tried to invade in 1940 and were destroyed by a “sea of fireâ€￾ when petroleum pipelines, laid out into the North Sea, were ignited as the invasion fleet approached. It was convenient for both Churchill and Hitler to hush this up for their political reasons. There is an interesting web site which strongly debates that this event actually happened. Seemingly horribly burnt bodies of German servicemen littered the beach. There’s talk of mass graves and witnesses sworn to secrecy.

There is also a book by Peter Haining called “Where the Eagle Landedâ€￾ which I never finished before I had to return to my local library (I’ve revisited and the book is always out!) DW gets a mention for penning anti-invasion measures such as burying broken glass buried under the sands of the East coast and flaming seas! I cannot remember if DW’s War memoirs mention anything relating to this.

I’m as cynical as Gregory Sallust and have a few opinions on the subject. I may not be around in 2021 when the official papers are released. Did the Nazis try to invade in 1940? And was DW, in any way, instrumental in helping to defeat the attempt?


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Post by Stevie P » Thu 31 Jul, 2008 12:20:06

An interesting post, Parabellum.

I'm afraid that I am unable to add any further info to your note as I wasn't aware of this incident but I would imagine that any vague references DW may have written would be in Total War, 'Stranger than fiction' or 'The Deception Planners'.
Craig Cabell's book may also be of use. Unfortunately I haven't read any of these and I've still got to finish reading 'The Black Baroness', 'Strange Conflict' and 'The Sword of Fate' before I start 'Total War'!!!!.

Of course there may also be references in DW's three autobiograhical books.

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Post by caroline$-0 » Fri 1 Aug, 2008 20:02:23

:-) Can,t help with Shingle Street,but regarding the Peter Haining book ,you could order it from your local library.The only charge for this would be a stamp.when the book is returned to the library they will notify you by post.Then all you have to do is collect it.You probably know all this already,but i,m trying to improve my key board skills.

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