Some help required.

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Some help required.

Post by Toohey » Tue 9 Oct, 2007 12:33:48

Any one here help me with a brief description/review of the following?

Vendetta in Spain
Desperate Measures
The Strange Story of Linda Lee
Death in Sunshine

And the short stories :the Black magician, The Snake & the Case of the haunted chateau

Where would I be able to locate these ones?

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Hope this helps ....

Post by gloomysundae » Fri 26 Oct, 2007 08:37:22

The Snake: Carstairs amuses Jackson and the narrator with the story behind his rags to riches success, all of it due, he believes, to black magic. In South Africa, heÂ’d worked as book keeper to Isaacson, a despicable loan shark whoÂ’d one day crossed swords with Umtunga, the local witch-doctor over an outstanding debt (after penalties, Umtunga owed him thirty women). Unimpressed at this rudeness, Umtunga promptly performed a cockerel sacrifice on the usurerÂ’s doorstep, and that night the loan shark died horribly. His widow then ordered Carstairs to call in the debt. Through more luck than judgment, he survives a were-mamba attack and decides itÂ’s time to cut a deal with the voodoo guy at Mrs. IsaacsonÂ’s expense. HeÂ’s never looked back. (Fontana Horror 7, A Century of Horror)

The Case Of The Haunted Chateau: During World War II, an old chateau " ... had to be abandoned because it is so badly haunted that even the officers refuse to stay in it." The spectre is reputedly that of the sadistic Vicomte de Cheterau who bled the peasants dry and was crucified by them during the Revolution for his sins. Nels Orson investigates. (Gunmen, Gallants And Ghosts)

Not sure about 'The Black Magician', Toohey. Is that from one of Peter Haining's anthologies? If so, it's most likely an extract from one of the novels. I'll see if I can find something ....


Yes, it's an extract from "To The Devil - A Daughter" and it appears in Haining's 'The Satanist' ... satanists/

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Post by Cibator » Sat 11 Apr, 2009 11:57:59

Death In The Sunshine was an omnibus volume issued (I think) in the late 1930s. It contained the three novels The Fabulous Valley, The Secret War and The Eunuch of Stamboul.
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