Wheatley article in Paperback Fanatic

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Wheatley article in Paperback Fanatic

Post by gloomysundae » Sun 5 Aug, 2007 09:00:06

There's a short but informative article on Dennis Wheatley and his Library Of The Occult series in Justin Cultprint's excellent The Paperback Fanatic ("The British magazine for collectors of pulp fiction). It's part of a large overview of Sphere horror paperbacks in the seventies and if you like browsing book covers this is certainly the magazine for you! There are also features on tacky kung-fu novels, the many faces of Paul Tabori and a piece on violent cops 'The Special Squad'.

Here's the cover!


Order your copy via paypal

£3 post-paid UK
£5 post-paid mainland Europe
$8 post-paid to US and Canada.

And, no. I am not Justin Cultprint! I just love his mag, honest! :rofl

Steve Whatley
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The Paperback Fanatic

Post by Steve Whatley » Thu 9 Aug, 2007 22:17:32

Thanks for the tip-off. My copy arrived today, and the DW Library of the Occult article - though short - is informative, and includes a handy checklist of titles.

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