Strange Conflict Audio and Bobs thoughts.....

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Strange Conflict Audio and Bobs thoughts.....

Post by Nick » Tue 3 Apr, 2007 22:22:23

Here is the post I put on last November, and Bobs reply asking for comments. I thought it worth repeating....

Finally picked up a copy of Chris Lee reading Strange Conflict on ebay. I had to pay an alarming price for it though. It's well worthwhile . Chris Lee's charactorisation is excellent and his enthusiasm comes accross in the production. He is obviously enjoying the read (and why not) The story is sucessfully condensed on to four c90 cassettes, and it would not be too difficult to transfer it to CD. I'm very tempted to put it back on ebay (not that I would dream of copying the original of course).
Having said that I get the feeling that Prelude audio books are no longer a going concern, and I wonder who would be bothered if I did make copies available. Has any body got any thoughts? May be an irate MD of prelude might join our merry band of DW enthusiasts and tell us where we can all get a copy and the elusive version of DRO mentioned in the liner notes. On a more serious note I really do think that there is a market for DW on audio, and if some body could thread their way through the red tape.......Ah well...if I smoked a pipe (or a Hoyo) I'd carry on dreaming

Bob Rothwell


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Posted: Tue 14 Nov, 2006 17:02:55

nick :
Finally picked up a copy of Chris Lee reading Strange Conflict on ebay.

Congratulations, nick - an excellent choice, but isn't it frustrating to see the other titles there and no way to find them?!

I know we've discussed this topic before, but have absolutely no idea how popular the format would be (apart from myself, of course). If you do find the will and a way to do it, let me know and I'll put you in touch with the Wheatley copyright owners.

Others' views, please.

My usual please, Wilkes

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