The Devil Rides Out Again!

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The Devil Rides Out Again!

Post by nick jones » Wed 27 Sep, 2006 10:53:28

News item taken from Daily Mail dated Saturday 23 September 2006
SATANISTS could be behind the killing and mutilation of sheep in a national park, police believe.
Around 100 animals have been found slaughtered on Dartmoor since January last year-including 30 this month.
Many had their tongues,eyes and sexual organs removed. Theyhad been strangled or had their necks broken.
The 30 bodies found this month were on the remote Cox Tor in the park.
Some were arranged in Satanic star shapes on the ground and others were laid out in a circle.
Rigor mortis had set in, leading police to suspect that the sheep had been killed over the period of a week and then transported to Cox Tor, where they were laid out in symbolic patterns.
The trouble began last year when seven sheep were found laid out in the shape of a seven pointed star in the park.
The attacks have increased in recent months.On September 11, 18 sheep beloning to three farmers were found dead near Cox Tor.
Over the course of the next week, a further 12 bodies werw found.
Farmer Charles Mudge, of Tavistock, Devon,found the sheep with bizarre halfmoon symbols carved into their flesh,lying near a bloodstained stone altor and a wooden stake.
He said:"We are absolutely devastated.It is discusting.We dont know how people theyer doing it but they must be people with dogs and they have got to be used to handling sheep.
"We feel we have let our animals down when we discover them in such a state."
The attacks have shocked the farming community, which is still recovering from the devastation caused by the foot-and-mouth outbreak five years ago.
Some have speculated that the killings starter as revenge for the closure to the public of Vix Tor, one of the parks best-known landmarks.
The owner of the Tor is one of the six farmers whoes sheep have been targeted.
Others blame sexual sadists, pointing out that several of the sheep had mutilated genitals.
One farmer who did not want to be named, said:"Ive never seen anything like the bruising on the animal. It must have died in agony. It must have been held for a very long time." Cherry Seage, secretary of the Dartmoor commoners council, which represents the moorland farmers, said that the attacks were becoming increasingly vicious. She added:"We ars worried they may not end with sheep.
"The animals have been traumatised and stifled.These sheep are wild and live on the open moor. It is difficult to know how the people can get hold of them."
The RSPCA is awaiting post-mortem examination results on several of the sheep.
Inspector Becky Wadley said:"Even if we can find out what has happenrd to them, we still have to find the people responsible.
"We are drawing a blank but somebody must know something."
Devon and Cornwall Police believe that the killings are linked to occult ritulals at ancient sites-where human sacrifices are thought to have taken place.
Most of the killings have been carried out during a full moon.
Police are concerned that the killings are becoming increasingly vicious. There are currently no suspects.

Well what do you think of that ? Time for the Duke de Richleau to come out of retirement maybe !
regards nick jones :twisted: :twisted:

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Bob Rothwell
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Post by Bob Rothwell » Thu 28 Sep, 2006 13:58:27

Thanks for this nick. Now in the good old days, DW would have been asked to comment on this. Who have they got to turn to now?

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