New interest in Dennis Wheatley

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New interest in Dennis Wheatley

Post by Darren » Tue 10 Mar, 2020 21:22:58

Hi Folks,

I have noticed that there has been little activity anywhere on the intranet about DW for quite some time.

There is, however, a new essay titled "The Devil is in the Details: Politics and the Works of Dennis Wheatley" that was published in January 2020 on the Evolution of Horror website. ... the-detail

It is a good read and may well encourage a few curious readers of the new generation that access the website to try a DW book. As the name of the website indicates, the focus of the essay is on DW's occult novels, but that is fair enough.

The essay has clearly been written as a follow up to a new podcast that came out last December about the two DW Hammer occult films and accessible by the same website as part of their The Evolution of the Occult series: I have downloaded the podcast but am yet to listen to it.

The podcast series may well attract the interest of a few of our community - there are different guests for each episode that focuses on films such as Rosemary's Baby (one of Mary's favourite films), Night of the Demon (one of my favourites), Haxan (from 1922), and, obviously, TDRO and TTDAD.

I will add a review of the podcast at some point.


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Re: New interest in Dennis Wheatley

Post by ken68 » Sun 12 Apr, 2020 09:11:28

Hi Darren,
That looks an interesting article.
I've never managed to get into podcasts so I might use this one as a start.

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