Authors take sides on Vietnam

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Authors take sides on Vietnam

Post by Darren » Tue 28 May, 2019 16:04:27

Another excellent monthly update, Charles.

I am glad you have added the "Authors take sides on Vietnam" book. And thank you for including his commentary on the war.

I have wondered for a few years now what he had written, especially as it was published in 1967 with no idea what the outcome would be.

"It is imperative, in my view, that the Vietcong should be prevented from becoming the masters of Vietnam because, should they do so, communist infiltration will take place in the neighbouring states to the south, with the same results, until the whole of East Asia is subservient to China. We should then be faced with the liability of defending Australia and probably India, so it is infinitely better that, at whatever cost, we should hold this communist aggression on the line it now occupies. (Author and ex-Wing Commander. 1941/44, a member of the Joint Planning Staff of the War Cabinet which prepared the strategic plans for Sir Winston Churchill.)"

No surprises there. Prime Minister Harold Wilson did well in keeping us out of that one, I'm presuming DW would have supported our entry into the war.

I do like the description of himself, with the appropriate name check on Winson Churchill.

Keep 'em coming, Charles. I love the monthly surprises - it's like having Christmas day every few weeks.



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