Ok, and The Launching of RB...

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Ok, and The Launching of RB...

Postby Diamondhairdan » Tue 2 May, 2006 21:57:33

This is the first of the twelve part Rodger Brook historical series, which eventually charts the course of his career in espionage throughout the French Revolution, Napoleonic and Peninsular Wars, through to the Battle of Waterloo.
It is not a rich in historical detail as many of the subsequent books, yet produces a rich blend of action and character development, something that Wheatley was occasionally poor at producing. After a fallout with his father, and refusal to enter the navy, Rodger flees to France, where he ends up working as a legal clerk for an aristocratic family. He ends up falling in love with the daughter (an affair to be resumed in the Man Who Killed the King), and after a series of unfortunate twists and turns, including fighting his first duel, he is invited by Prime Minister Pitt to become one of his top secret agents.
This is a great adventure story, and really sets the tone perfectly for the subsequent offerings. A blend of James Bond, Sharpe, The Famous Five, and D'Artanian, if you will.

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Postby maisonvivante » Wed 1 Nov, 2006 21:19:55

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. While I originally was drawn to Wheatley more for the occult/mystery aspects of his work, I've actually enjoyed his historical work as much or more. This novel had a similar feel to "The Prisoner in the Mask" and they both reminded me of Dumas. I found "Roger" a very fast-paced story, and the action and character development most effective.

I know Wheatley isn't often lauded on his skills as a prose craftsman, but I think he writes circles around a lot of contemporary authors.

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