If you joined between mid-April to mid-June 2006 - READ THIS

Information for members who joined between mid-April and mid-June 2006
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If you joined between mid-April to mid-June 2006 - READ THIS

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This forum suffered a major crash on 8 June 2006 and has only been operating from 15 June until now on a temporary footing.

I have been able to manually re-construct all messages and topics and allocate them to the respective members. However from mid-April 2006 onwards, due to faulty backups (not my fault!), I have had to guess the names of some new members from references to their names within the topics but these and any other new members who joined after that date will find they can no longer sign-on. The members I have identified are as follows:
I do remember that there were also others who joined after mid-April.

I really do apologise for the inconvenience caused, but this was due to circumstances beyond my control.

If those concerned would please contact me*, I will arrange for them to be re-registered.

Thank you, hopefully, for your understanding.

*contact links at the top of the following pages (look for the "e-mail" links):
(amongst others)
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