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by Frank Linmarsh
Fri 31 Mar, 2006 12:47:28
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Topic: BBC FOUR TV: The Lost Decade
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Bit of a Johnny Come Lately but have only recently seen the programme which I thought was wonderful. The awful hectoring tone of the voice over seemed completely undercut by the archive footage of DW, a thoroughly charming self-deprecating man. (albeit with a dubious past) .The discussion seemed muc...
by Frank Linmarsh
Sun 12 Mar, 2006 09:15:09
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Topic: Letter for Posterity: video/DVD recording?
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A Letter To Posterity

Apologies for not putting a reminder about this but only became aware of it yesterday. Did you catch it Luke? I was very impressed, not least with all the footage of DW. It's hard to recall just quite how weel-known and celebrated he was. If nothing else it made me want to seek out The Forbidden Ter...
by Frank Linmarsh
Sun 26 Feb, 2006 20:31:42
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Topic: Craig Cabell's book on DW
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Hi Bob - we've met before at The Vault Of Evil. Just a quick note to see if anyone saw yesterday's Daily Express? I got talking to my elderly neighbour about DW recently - turns out he's a fan. He very kindly posted a couple of pages of the Express through my door- basically a two page puff for the ...

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