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 Bill for the use of a body 

Thu 2 Jun, 2016 15:25:31
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Initially I was somewhat sceptical as there seemed a lot of names and places which seemed to be a bit mind boggling. However I did enjoy it as I knew that I was likely to be going to some of these pla ...
 Bill for the use of a body 

Thu 19 May, 2016 14:14:35
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Thanks for the info. Steve. I'll add it to my DW list. Not too many left to go now.

Best wishes

Stevie P
 Bill for the use of a body 

Wed 18 May, 2016 15:23:26
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Bill for the use of a body

Mr Inosuke Hayashi remained impassive as he looked down into the square wooden box that contained the severed head of his only son. The police chief stood alongside ...
 Mayhem in Greece 

Tue 10 May, 2016 08:54:58
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When he was six years old, Robbie Grenn had been involved in an air crash. His parents had been killed. Sir Finsterhorn Grenn, his uncle, was now his guardian as well as the British ambassador in Athe ...
 Vendetta in Spain 

Fri 27 Nov, 2015 12:20:02
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Many thanks for your kind words. It was quite an involved review to put together hence the review being rather long.

I'm off to Mayhem in Greece next.

Thank's again.
 Vendetta in Spain 

Sat 21 Nov, 2015 10:30:01
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It was 31st May 1906.

It was also a day of celebration as King Alfonso 13th had just married Princess Ena of Battenberg, the granddaughter of Queen Victoria.
The procession back to the palace inc ...
 Happy Birthday, Sir Christopher 

Fri 12 Jun, 2015 10:53:41
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Sir Christopher Lee is with us no more but he will always be remembered (Particularly amongst this fraternity).
He has played many great film roles such as Dracula, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, St ...
 The Sultan's Daughter 

Sat 7 Mar, 2015 19:48:30
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The Sultans Daughter

It was a dismal February afternoon in the year 1798. Admiral Sir Christopher Brook, his son Roger and Georgina, Countess of St.Ermins had just finished dinner.
Georg ...
 The Satanist 

Tue 4 Nov, 2014 10:11:47
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Forum: The Satanist
Subject: The Satanist
The Satanist

To have dedicated this book to Alexandre Dumas Pere was no major surprise. DW was one of his favourite author’s. As a result he modelled many of his own heroes on Dumas heroes.
The S ...
 The Rape of Venice 

Mon 2 Jun, 2014 17:11:52
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Chapter one is called ‘The Shape of Things to Come’.
This title is also the name of a famous book written by H.G. Wells in 1933. This book was also printed by Hutchinson. http:/ ...
 Traitors Gate 

Tue 28 Jan, 2014 16:04:35
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Forum: Traitors Gate
Subject: Traitors Gate
Traitors Gate

It was late on the night of 25th July 1942. News of ‘Operation Torch’ had just been announced. Roosevelt and Churchill had confirmed that major force ...
 The Prisoner In The Mask 

Sun 3 Nov, 2013 13:28:06
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This story is based on the youth of the Duke de Richleau who then bore his father’s second title, the Count de Quesnoy (Or Armand to his close friends).
It starts in the early 1890’s when Armand is e ...
 2013 Convention 

Sat 10 Aug, 2013 09:51:59
Replies: 31
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Thank you Steve for starting the ball rolling again ... with three months to go, I think this is exactly the right time for us to firm up on the agenda ... especially if there is any hope that one of ...
 2013 Convention 

Thu 1 Aug, 2013 09:06:52
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Further to a recent conversation regarding a No. 21 bus in London with Charles; the subject of the 2013 Convention raised its head.

There were a few commemts last year that it was a little intens ...
 The Ka of Gifford Hillary 

Thu 4 Jul, 2013 17:06:07
Replies: 3
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Hi Ericmocata,

I wouldn't dream of mocking any errors. Although it did occur to me that the best thing for me to do would be to correct the last line and then everyone else would wonder what you w ...
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