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 A new 'Modern Musketeers' book. 'Blasphemy' ??? 

Mon 22 May, 2017 10:01:44
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Very interesting! Wonder what the themes that DW wouldn't have tackled might be?

That cover is reminiscent of the one on my omnibus edition of M R James ghost stories - the path leading through ...
 They Found Atlantis 

Sat 4 Mar, 2017 21:49:32
Replies: 16
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Thanks, Charles. Sounds like it never was correct, then! (Although I've a nagging memory of seeing what would have been the proper version somewhere, many years ago.) The overall sense is clear eno ...
 They Found Atlantis 

Fri 3 Mar, 2017 20:54:49
Replies: 16
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I've just been re-reading this book in the Heron edition, and there seems to be an error in the text. On p268, Menes is explaining about the much-disliked obligation to work in the mines:

"Y ...
 The EU Referendum 

Sun 26 Jun, 2016 06:47:22
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Forum: Off-Topic
Subject: The EU Referendum
I get the allusion, Darren. As for Yorkshire independence, I reckon a vote on that would be another Close result, although The Broad Acres should be able to Cope whatever the outcome. (But aren't al ...
 The Mean Caesar - 2 unpublished short stories 

Sun 26 Jun, 2016 06:41:15
Replies: 5
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I don't like to sound a negative note in among all this rejoicing, but I've just noticed .... haven't Bloomsbury spelt DW's middle name incorrectly?
 The EU Referendum 

Thu 23 Jun, 2016 06:53:42
Replies: 12
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Forum: Off-Topic
Subject: The EU Referendum
Well ladies and gentlemen: today is a crucial one for the future of the United Kingdom. Please give this matter your most careful consideration, and be sure to vote. Your opinion does count!

I th ...
 Bill for the use of a body 

Fri 17 Jun, 2016 11:44:01
Replies: 9
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Hi Steve

No, I wasn't aware of that book, or the inscription (I'd have cited it otherwise). Rather gratifying to find one's speculations confirmed like that!
 Bill for the use of a body 

Tue 14 Jun, 2016 10:20:07
Replies: 9
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Hi folks

Quite some time ago, I said I was going to produce some comments on the above book. It hasnít happened so far because I was waiting till Iíd seen what there was about it in The Devil Is A ...
 Terrific value for money, but ... 

Fri 13 Nov, 2015 00:50:12
Replies: 3
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And how was the collation, Charles? Was it up to scratch? Does it compare well to The Sword of Fate? Think
Hope it was as rich and satisfying as the cold one abandoned in Simon's house by Mocata's cov ...
 An improving book! 

Fri 13 Nov, 2015 00:42:09
Replies: 10
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There seem to several ideas as to the origins of that phrase. One I've not seen mentioned is that a dog's testicles are often quite prominent (or "outstanding", in one of the less common se ...
 Faked passports 

Tue 29 Sep, 2015 22:07:39
Replies: 15
Views: 19490
This reader decided a long time ago, on grounds similar to those of M. Pascal, to back DW's own preferred horses of karma and reincarnation. I"ve conducted myself with those considerations in mi ...
 Frederick Frosyth and the Occult 

Tue 29 Sep, 2015 21:53:53
Replies: 2
Views: 2303
An unlikely bracketing, as I'm sure most of you would agree who have read Mr Forsyth's novels, set as they are in a very material world indeed.

But on pages 112-13 of his recently published memoir ...
 DW in the Summer edition of The Oldie 

Mon 17 Aug, 2015 12:09:37
Replies: 3
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That edition of The Oldie has just made it to NZ, so I bought the issue (as I sometimes do). Good to see DW getting a mention again nowadays, although, as Darren says, there's nothing really new ther ...
 TDRO: Nike Arrighi and her Borghese Connection 

Wed 13 May, 2015 10:15:49
Replies: 2
Views: 3753
Some of you may already be aware of this, but I wasn't able to find any reference to it on the site. So here we are ...

You'll remember the passage in The Devil Rides Out where the Duke tells Rex ...
 BBC 2 TV 'Mastermind' 

Fri 16 Jan, 2015 19:17:14
Replies: 17
Views: 22383
I take there isn't a similar club in New Zealand.You take it correctly. The show has never been quite such a big deal out here, especially in its final years.
Just in case I end up at some point in ...
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