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by Mike Fletcher
Sat 4 Mar, 2006 11:31:33
Forum: General Topics
Topic: How did you 'meet' DW?
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I first met DW early in 1979 when transferred to a new office in Salford. Travelling from Hazel Grove by bus, train, bus took about 1½ hours each way then. When I ran out of material, a colleague suggested I try DW. "No thanks", said I, "isn't he into black magic?". Having recei...
by Mike Fletcher
Sun 11 Dec, 2005 16:35:04
Forum: Collectors' Corner
Topic: The Ka of Gifford Hillary 1st edition signed
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Just a note to say that thanks to the site and to John's posting, I have been able to add this book to my collection.
by Mike Fletcher
Tue 23 Aug, 2005 19:54:07
Forum: Wants
Topic: Jonathan's Wants
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Jonathan I have a 1st ed Star of Ill Omen hardback that I was going to put on Ebay now I am fortunate to have a signed 1st. In fact, the book is in better nick than my signed copy. There is a bumped and bruised but unclipped dj too. Please contact me by private message if you would like further deta...
by Mike Fletcher
Fri 12 Aug, 2005 12:21:07
Forum: General Topics
Topic: "Mr Eatons views on the French Collapse"
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I have a first and twentyfifth edition. In Chapter XI, The Horror in the Cellars, both have blank sixth pages other than for the words Tobias briefly describes below. In full they were: [Richard Eaton's views on the French collapse were rather strong, so Mr. Wheatley decided that as a matter of cour...
by Mike Fletcher
Fri 8 Jul, 2005 16:54:30
Forum: General Topics
Topic: To Lucifer - A Daughter
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To Lucifer - A Daughter

I have just acquired a first edition of The Early Adventures of Roger Brook. Whilst happily comparing it to my second edition, I noticed three immediate differences between the 1951 and 1953 editions: 1. the 1st ed and usual publisher's entry London New York Toronto etc had moved on a page by 2nd ed...
by Mike Fletcher
Wed 6 Jul, 2005 18:40:54
Forum: General Topics
Topic: British Pathe News
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Bob I've been looking for a way of repaying you for the many hours of pleasure and reams of valuable free data your site has given me. I think I have an idea. If you think the site and its members would benefit from access to the Powerpoint Presentation, I would be very happy to sponsor the first ye...
by Mike Fletcher
Tue 28 Jun, 2005 18:44:48
Forum: General Topics
Topic: General Questions
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I can go with the second world war theory as very plausible especially so in view of his War Cabinet work. I was uncertain about the guest's spelling for the name of Dumas' anti-hero so I had a quick look on the web. My suspicion seems to have been proved correct as an online edition of The Three Mu...
by Mike Fletcher
Tue 28 Jun, 2005 18:20:53
Forum: General Topics
Topic: They Found Atlantis
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They Found Atlantis

I have a third impression brick red hardback which, listing Contraband as "In Preparation", should be around 1936. Indeed, like your excellent data displays for the first edition, it has 339 pages; 5 adverts; and 40 pages of Hutchinson's Spring List No 1. So I think 1936 is pretty safe. I ...
by Mike Fletcher
Wed 22 Jun, 2005 18:48:33
Forum: Wants
Topic: Fletch's Wants
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Fletch's Wants

I mainly collect Hutchinson 1st editions, hardcover, published in the UK. My collection is based upon three priorities: any 1st; then with dw; then signed by author. I have only listed below my first priority wants, most if not all of which will be familiar to many. The Black Baroness :) acquired 7 ...
by Mike Fletcher
Wed 22 Jun, 2005 18:02:59
Forum: General Topics
Topic: Ephemera
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Just registered with the Library although I have been a regular visitor to the website for some time. I received a gift of a bookmark with a book I purchased recently which, it is alleged, was already in the 1st edition. It is certainly from around 1950 although undated and I will send separately a ...

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