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by nick jones
Mon 27 Nov, 2006 19:34:11
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Topic: "... do I look like Dennis Wheatley in this?"
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verry funny! may be you could do some thing for christmas ?. :rofl
by nick jones
Wed 27 Sep, 2006 10:53:28
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Topic: The Devil Rides Out Again!
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The Devil Rides Out Again!

News item taken from Daily Mail dated Saturday 23 September 2006 SATANISTS could be behind the killing and mutilation of sheep in a national park, police believe. Around 100 animals have been found slaughtered on Dartmoor since January last year-including 30 this month. Many had their tongues,eyes a...
by nick jones
Sun 17 Sep, 2006 20:47:43
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Topic: Dennis Wheatley R.I.P
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Dennis Wheatley R.I.P

Has any-body else been on the "Find a Grave" web site? If you do, you can "visit " DWs grave (rather goolish) my father said.And leave a note or a "virtual" wreath.The grave its-self looks rather unkempt, but maybe this is just a bad photo.The cemetery is lisited as "Brookwood American Cemetery & Me...
by nick jones
Fri 8 Sep, 2006 15:51:35
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Topic: "Dessert Island Wheatley"
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"Dessert Island Wheatley"

I know this is not a new idea,but would any else like to compile a list of DW books they would take to a Desert Island,if they were marooned there ?The radio show has eight records (I think )and a luxury item.Below is my list of five books (for no paticular reason) and a luxury item. 1, "To the Devi...
by nick jones
Thu 7 Sep, 2006 20:59:20
Forum: Introductions
Topic: Introductions
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Hello all, My name is nick jones,Im 39 years old,married,and have two boys.I live in a village just out side Wisbech,(Capital of the fens)And work in the cat food factory in town.(well some body has to)Ive been a fan of Dennis Wheatley for a few years now.and have quite a collection of his books.I c...

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